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Axel Salto

Arne Bang

John Ward

Vicke Lindstrand

Carl Halier

Ewen Henderson

Wilhelm Kage

Just Andersen

Gunnar Nylund

Knud Kyhn

Inke Lerch


Stig Lindberg

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Nils Thorsson
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Rupert Spira
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New items posted November 6, 2015

Axel SaltoJohn WardArne Bang
Berndt FribergEwen HendersenRaija Tuumi
Gunnar Nylund Rupert SpiraArgentor Vicke Lindstrand Carl HalierSalviatiGerald and Gottlind WeigelInke Lerch Nils ThorssonThorild KnuttsonEdouard Chappalaz ToboRuth DuckworthThorkild Olesen

Ingeborg Lundin
Annikki Hovisaari

Kaj Franck
Val Barry
Beate Kuhn
Guido Gambone
gilbert Portanier Stig Lindberg
Jais Nielsen

Just Andersen


Freeforms specializes in mid 20th century ceramics, glass, metalware, lighting and furniture,
with a focus on Scandinavian, German and British design.
All items offered for sale are in excellent, undamaged condition unless otherwise noted.

All items are vintage, period examples -- no reproductions.


Gunhild Aberg
Jais Nielsen
Holmegaard Nanny Still

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