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Hi all! We don't do previews at this URL any more,
they are added to the new website at FreeformsNYC.com.

The new items are in a hidden collection for one week, after which they are linked on the home page as we have below. If you would like to see items before they are viewable by the public, join our mailing list by filling out the form at FreeformsNYC.com.

New this month:

Arne Bang - Carl Harry Stalhane - Christoph Möller - Dieter Crumbiegel - Elizabeth Pluquet Ulrich - Elly Kuch - Gerald And Gottlind Weigel - Gudrun Petzold - Heidi Kippenberg - Heiner Balzar - Hubert Griemert - Ingrid And Bruno Asshoff - Jan Bontjes Von Beek - Jan De Rooden - Jørgen Mogensen - Karl And Ursula Scheid - Kyllikki Salmenhaara - Lutz Könecke - Maurice Decoulon - Nils Thorsson - Reinhold Rieckmann - Tim Andrews - Tyra Lundgren - Walburga Külz - Wilhelm And Elly Kuch - Wilhelm Kåge
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January Preview

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